Alkaline Water Ionizers (with Hydrogen Rich Water - 7 plates)


Simple Design that Shines Any Place​

Optimized Design for Any Space

With the simple exterior design and display with the modern color, Alpha Series are optimized in any interior space.

Aesthetic Display
The design applied modern color of housing and minimal white dot on LED make it look aesthetic and conspicuous and allow you to check the status of operation simply. Also, anyone can easily use it with one-touch button operation.

User-Friendly Functions

Filter change alarm
The filter usage can be seen on the display and you can get alarms with voice guidance to change the filter.
Self-Change Filter System
It is just like changing batteries and simple to replace with a new one.
Voice Guide Available in various languages
You can select a language among supporting 6 languages.
The First Filter Usage Memory Function in the World
Using high-tech memory device allows you to check the phased and cumulative usage of alkaline, acidic and neutral water and to manage the product.
Eco Mode
When not in use for more than 10 minutes, it’s converted to the low power mode and time appears on the display.
Voice On/Off& Volume Control

Voice guide and the volume can be on/off and controlled.

Usage Patterns Memory System
It displays phased and cumulative usage of alkaline, acidic and neutral water.
ok (1)
Perfectly prevents scales
Automatically converts the polarity of the electrolyzer and the water path
Produces the best ionized water
shield (3)
Improves the electrolyzer durability

Intensive High-Tech Electrolyzer

Perfectly prevents scales
Automatically converts the polarity of the electrolyzer and the water path
Produces the bestionized water
Improves the electrolyzer durability

99.9% Platinum Titanium Electrode

Platinum Titanium, which minutely electrolyzes water molecules, has high electrolysis efficiency and can stably separate alkaline water and acid water.

2 Step Overcurrent Protection Function

Advanced PCT device automatically blocks supplying electricity inside the product when overcurrent and overvoltage occur.

E-CELL Patent Skill

Regular auto-changing water path completely prevents having water scale inside the electrolyzer.

Strong Power Engine

Producing alkaline ionic water starts from stable power supply

Stable power supply

Electrical stability

Economic feasibility

Safe Material

The water outlet faucet covered with titanium produces safe and healthy alkaline water and doesn’t contain any heavy metals.

Patented Premium Filter System

The water purifying filter, which is 50% bigger than the existing ionizer’s, and the block carbon filter with complex functions are patented multi-functional filters and they together produce minerals and remove antibiotics and viruses within the filter.
1 ModelAlkaline Water Ionizers
2Water Supply Specification Direct water supply system
3Source VoltageAC 220V, 50/60Hz
4Power Consumption Max 130W
5Size 471㎜(H)×284㎜(W)×135㎜(D)
6Weight 6 Kg
7Operating Method One Touch system
8Temperature Range4 ~ 30℃
9Water Pressure Range 0.6 ~ 7Kg/㎤
10Continuous Operating Time10 mins
11Electrolysis TypeContinuous Electrolytic System
12Amount of Water Generation Max 3ℓ/min
13Electrolysis LevelsAlkaline water level 4, Acidic water level 2, Purified water level 1
14Cleaning Method Auto-cleaning system (DARC-water flow path conversion)
15Filter Expiration6 months (South Korea)
16Filter Materials10 stage multiple filters (Carbon block, Ceramic 3 types, Calcium)
17Fuse 3.15A, Bimetal, Built in temperature sensorFuse 3.15A, Bimetal, Built in temperature sensor